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"Tell me and I'll forget it, 

write it down and I might remember it, 
make me live it and I will never forget it"

If you are the kind of person​ :

 who loves fine wines and rich fabrics, but also seeks a highly personalised experience,

who is keen to know what is truly local and wants to be treated not as an outsider, but as an explorer willing to admire local flair and learn the art of French lifestyle, culture and cuisine,



then, we have something for you!


  A treat that money can not buy. 

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We create personal, memorable, intuitive and interactive experiences in Paris and Bordeaux that suit your unique travel interests….

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Laurence Experiences France is entirely dedicated to providing you with a unique customized adventure and impeccable service. We make each moment of your stay in France even more special!

We create tailor-made adventures, experiences, and events. Tell us what you wish to see and do, and we will make it happen! Our goal is to surpass your expectations.  

We are a team that loves sharing with others and that is passionate about French culture. For us, the best way to make the moment memorable is to make sure you are totally immersed in the moment.  

For that, we bet on :


- Personalization of all aspects of your event or stay

- Attention to detail

- Positive communication

- Quality service and quality venue

- Good organization, and planning

- Many more but those are secrets ingredients... 

And we love that!  

We handpick our selection of activities.​​

We offer our guests VIP access to authentic experiences, unique opportunities to interact with locals and discover their passions, customs and expertise.

We offer an experience that is different, unique and deeply personalised.



We provide a wide range of exclusive services, catered especially to you.


We take our guests off the beaten track and beyond the usual tourist sites.


between customer service and guest experience.

Between satisfaction and excellence.

Our high level of personal involvement makes all the difference

 delivering to our guests an emotional and sensory approach.

Visiting unmissable places does not go far enough,

we create at every moment of your guest journey, an extraordinary escape with a strong emotional dimension and an honest approach for a meaningful, memorable and extraordinary experience.



Founded by Laurence in 2016, Laurence Experiences France was born of a passion to create travel experiences, unlike any others, while telling a story about French lifestyle and tradition.

From a family of Parisian hôteliers, Laurence grew up hosting visitors to France, quite literally. Nothing energies her more than to build relationships with local artisans and producers and to share this experience with travelers seeking to grasp an authentic understanding of France.

In 2019, Nicolas (her friend since 1999, with whom she graduated from the prestigious Lausanne Hotel Management School) joined

Laurence Experiences France.

Together, they have 50 years of operations and management experience in the luxury hospitality industry, including time at The Pierre in New York and The Ritz Carlton, Cancun as well as Le Plaza Athéne, Le Meurice, and The Shangri La, all in Paris.