• Laurence


Pepita Diamand, fashion designer

& Philippe, Leboeuf, GM Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Paris

Best Independent Hotelier of the World

For you, who embodies the French elegance?

Pepita : " A woman ! because one of the first French film that I ever gone into was Nikita and I love Jeanne Moreau when she teaches the girl how to be a woman, she shows her how to put the lipstick on... and then as I developped and I watched some of Jeanne Moreau’s films, she definetely is the embodiement of French elegance to me. "

P.Leboeuf : "Yves Montand (hope that doesn’t sound too old!) "

Your good mood playlist ?

Pepita : "Hip hop, I love hip hop ! If I need to be in a good mood, I get on a bike, I download the app Peleton Cycles and do their hip hop cycling courses ! "

P.Leboeuf : "U2 and Reggaeton "


You are hungry in the middle of the night: what do you grab out of the fridge?

P.Leboeuf : "An apple !"


What accesory-ies do you always have on your dinner table to make it beautiful ?

P.Leboeuf :" Candles!"

Pepita : "I agree with Monsieur, it is always with candles because it makes it better even when I take away on a Tuesday "


What is the whim of a star you have realized

for a hotel guest ?

P.Leboeuf : " Filled the pool of a previous hotel with semi saline water for the small alligator

of the big star.... !! "

What is the French treat you could not do without ?

Pepita : "There is something with Champagne that I love more than anything. Goujeres ! I love goujeres . My favorite in the world is to sit at the bar of the Normandy Hotel in Deauville, they serve goujeres with a glass of Champagne Rose Billecart Salmon. If I ever find out that I am ill and am gonna die, that is where I do it. At the bar, goujeres and Rosé, done ! "

P.Leboeuf : "Champagne!"

What is your hidden talent ?

Pepita : "After a few glasses of Bilecart Salmon rosé, I am not a bad jazz singer. But after the Champagne, not before ! "

P.Leboeuf : "Survivalism! "


As a remarkable fashion designer, have you thought of creating a chic outfit for you when you bike along with Monsieur ?

Pepita : "I have for the past 6 years been bugging this man, I sent an email twice a year to Simon Mottram, the CEO of a Company called Rapha, which makes the nicest cycling uniforms. Twice a year , he gets an email from me for a skort. Because I want a skort ! A skort is a short with a skirt , because I hate the way cycling shorts look like you are wearing a diaper. As he keeps saying he is not going to do it, maybe I have to do it myself. "